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Goodbye bachelor life!

Stag host at
Rage Axe

Your best friend is entering the port of marriage and you are responsible for the stag party as best man? No need to panic and  desperately looking for more or less good ideas for the JGA. 

With Rage Axe you’ve already found the perfect idea for your bachelor party. Can you imagine something better than getting together with the best friends at the stag

We don’t, so get your axes, knives and bows!

It is not atypical for a stag do that someone likes to drink over the thirst. Unfortunately, that is not allowed with us. But if you after your axe throwingand / or archery hitting up for a long party night, you should provide the right foundation. We would be happy to provide you with delicious catering from the Marienhof butcher’s shop. Just speak to us when booking the stag party!


The slightly different games for bachelor party farewell

For absolute men

The right bachelor party for men

Why you should definitely attend to celebrate your buddy’s bachelor party at Rage Axe? Here we give you the reasons:

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Action ideas for the bachelor party

You still lack the imagination how such a stag at Rage Axe could look like? Here is our suggestion:

Can you imagine better now? Then book the bachelor party right away! In the meantime we are sharpening the axes …

It's fun for women too

Girls to the front ... and hit the axe!

Anyone who believes that axes, knives and arrows are only for men is wrong. The trend sports are also enjoying increasing popularity among women. And swinging an axe is a welcome change, especially for bachelorette parties.

Do you want to go to the bachelorette party with the vendor’s tray through city centers? This is long out of date and nowhere near as entertaining and action-packed as the sporting competition at the axe. And the best? With this special bachelorette party in a class of its own, you will cause unforgettable memories for the bride. After all, this shared experience is anything but commonplace.

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Discover our private room

Swing axes completely undisturbed

Do you already know our private room? Then it’s about time! In this VIP room, which is separated from the rest of the lanes, you are completely undisturbed by the other Rage-Axe visitors and can cheer as loudly as you want.

Every Saturday we open the private room, which is equipped with 3 lanes. Then it’s time for 2 hours of pure action with axe and knife throwing! If you want to fortify yourself with delicious food and refreshing drinks after the lumberjack work-out, you can also use our catering in the private room.

For a flat rate of € 350 you get:


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