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Children's birthday parties in Darmstadt

The little ones get their money's worth

The perfect party idea for children's birthdays

Children look forward to their birthday weeks and months in advance. When the day of the day finally arrives, it should also be something very special. And that’s where we come in. Celebrate the child’s birthday at Rage Axe.

Especially if you come from Weiterstadt, Darmstadt and the surrounding area, the birthday party at Rage Axe is the ideal party opportunity. Have a great children’s birthday party in an open-minded environment, learn archery and axe throwing with expert guidance.

Just When it comes to children’s birthdays, the delicious birthday meal shouldn’t be left behind. That’s why you can also buy delicious catering with us. You will then be hosted by our partner, the Marienhof butcher’s shop, whichalso prepares children’s favorite meals with a lot of love. Just ask us!

Our range

That includes the party package for the children's birthday party

This offer is valid for groups between 4 and 12 children. We are happy to offer meals on request.

Makes every child happy

Celebrate the child’s birthday

Hitting the pot was yesterday, today the kids want to face challenges and discover new things together with their friends.

If you are currently looking for a creative idea to celebrate a children’s birthday party in Darmstadt, you’ve come to the right place. Limitless fun and action are guaranteed. With our two-hour birthday offer, both children and adults get their money’s worth.

Something for everyone

Diverse play options

Shoot like Robin Hood with a bow and arrow and swing an axe like the Canadian lumberjacks. Alone the imaginationof it makes children’s hearts beat faster. But at Rage Axe doesn’t just getthrown or shot. We have more:

The joy of trying out unusual sports is in the foreground and less the competition or competing against each other.

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Benefits of a children's birthday party at Rage Axe

The planning of a children’s birthday starts at an early point, after all, you want to give your child a very special birthday. If you come from Darmstadt and the surrounding area , it’s a good idea to celebrate Children ‘s birthday at Rage Axe. These are your advantages:

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a birthday gift certificate

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Discover our private room

Swing axes completely undisturbed

Do you already know our private room? Then it’s about time! In this VIP room, which is separated from the rest of the lanes, you are completely undisturbed by the other Rage-Axe visitors and can cheer as loudly as you want.

Every Saturday we open the private room, which is equipped with 3 lanes. Then it’s time for 2 hours of pure action with axe and knife throwing! If you want to fortify yourself with delicious food and refreshing drinks after the lumberjack work-out, you can also use our catering in the private room.

For a flat rate of € 350 you get:


Celebrate children's birthday parties in Darmstadt