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Rage Axe in Darmstadt

Indoor activities for groups

Looking for leisure activities in and around Frankfurt is a challenge.
After all, a multitude of activities await adventure-hungry guests; most of it tried and true and well known.

But if you are looking for something special, if you would like to try something new with your association or in a group and are not afraid of the challenge, we recommend axe throwing, now better known asRage Axe!

"What shall we do today?"

Looking for ideas for group activities?

The Axe of Rage is new in Germany eager to be thrown by curious people. Our leisure center in the Hessian town of Weiterstadt offers 600 m² of space for action-hungry groups and associations who want to try something completely different.

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Sporting leisure activities for associations

If you are planning a successful trip with your club and don’t want to resort to the usual leisure activities, Rage Axe is just the right thing for you. Bike rides, visits to exhibitions or barbecues are nice too, but they don’t give as much of a kick as throwing an axe at a wooden disc 6 meters away.

These reasons speak for the next club excursion to Weiterstadt:

Where to do that? Well, right here with us in Weiterstadt near Frankfurt.

The group united

Book your club outing

If you want to visit us at Rage Axe with a larger number of people, it is best to contact us in advance so that we can guarantee sufficient lanes.

If you plan to practice the trendy sports with us with a smaller group, you can book as follows:

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Discover our private room

Swing axes completely undisturbed

Do you already know our private room? Then it’s about time! In this VIP room, which is separated from the rest of the lanes, you are completely undisturbed by the other Rage-Axe visitors and can cheer as loudly as you want.

Every Saturday we open the private room, which is equipped with 3 lanes. Then it’s time for 2 hours of pure action with axe and knife throwing! If you want to fortify yourself with delicious food and refreshing drinks after the lumberjack work-out, you can also use our catering in the private room.

For a flat rate of € 350 you get:


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