>> Please always wear closed shoes with us! <<


Knife throwing in Darmstadt

Information about knife throwing

Rage Axe makes it possible

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Prices knife throwing

Lane division

1 lane

1 3 people
Minimum booking 2 people

16 € pp

2 lanes

4 6 people

16 € pp

3 lanes

7 9 people

16 € pp

We have a total capacity of 14 lanes.
Our max. Number of people is 42 people.

This is how you really start

The sequence


Use our booking calendar on this page to reserve your appointment for knife throwing


Upon arrival, you register at our counter. One of our Axeperts will give you a safety briefing and explain how to throw a knife

let the games begin

Now you can make a few practice throws before your Axepert shows you different ways to play

The right clothes

What do I wear best?


It is important to wear a comfortable top that does not restrict your movements. You can test at home to see if you could throw a soccer ball with your top. If you feel too restricted in your movement, you should wear something else.

Tip for men: Men, please do not wear shirts that are too tight. These look good, but could restrict your movement.
Prohibited: Hoodies, as you can easily get caught on the hood when throwing


Please wear closed shoes. It doesn't have to be boots with steel toes, but the toes should simply be closed. This is all about your safety. Women should also avoid wearing heeled shoes, as this also increases the risk of injury.

Tip for the ladies: Ladies, please do not wear shoes with heels. Sneakers or sports shoes are best for axe throwing.
Prohibited: flip flops as they pose a high risk of injury

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Discover our private room

Swing axes completely undisturbed

Do you already know our private room? Then it’s about time! In this VIP room, which is separated from the rest of the lanes, you are completely undisturbed by the other Rage-Axe visitors and can cheer as loudly as you want.

Every Saturday we open the private room, which is equipped with 3 lanes. Then it’s time for 2 hours of pure action with axe and knife throwing! If you want to fortify yourself with delicious food and refreshing drinks after the lumberjack work-out, you can also use our catering in the private room.

For a flat rate of € 350 you get:

Rage Axe in Darmstadt

We give you a knife in your hand too!

Knife throwing is about the throwing knife touching the wood with the point exactly. Above all, the distance to the target is decisive here! You hardly need any strength to throw a knife!

We throw from a distance between 3 meters and 6 meters. Each throwing path is individually demarcated, so a maximum of safety is achieved if a knife should not find its way to the target!

Rage Axe in Darmstadt

Why knife throwing at Rage Axe?

Rage Axe in Darmstadt

Have you never thrown a knife?

Then now is the time!

One of our employees will instruct you completely and teach you the art of knife throwing in our 600 m² hall in Weiterstadt. By the way, we don’t just throw at wood, we have developed over 15 different games and types of tournaments and also have a slightly different target for advanced axe and knife throwers!

Of course we also have drinks and a lounge ready for you.