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teenager birthday

The right party is crucial

When teens have a birthday

When children slowly become teenagers and the times of pot banging  and  egg run  as birthday highlights are over, other ideas are needed. For an independent party like that  of adults,  Teenagers are still too young for – what  do  you do on your birthday? 

Teenagers want to experience something for their birthday, they want to do cool things with their friends that everyone will remember fondly. So how about  

So that the teens don’t stay hungry during our activitiesyou can also order tasty catering for the teenager’s birthday. The butcher Marienhof fromWeiterstadt serves up delicious dishes at your request, that are guaranteed to please everyone. Just ask us when booking a teenager’s birthday party!

You don't forget that easily

Action birthday for teenagers

In order for the teenager’s birthday party to be a complete success, we recommend discussing with the teen what they might like. How about a birthday trip? Suggest an action-packed teenage party at Rage Axe!

Here the teens can show what they are made of. In a cool atmosphere, we show the group of teenagers how to throw axes and knives. And our arcade cinema has a variety of games that teenagers will enjoy.

Our suggestion

This is what the teenager's birthday could look like

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When the teenager's birthday rises at Rage Axe

Very quick and uncomplicated

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Alternatively, you can also book the teenager’s birthday with us by phone or via our contact form. If you want to come to us with a larger number of guests, I recommendwe encourage you to contact us in advance .

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Discover our private room

Swing axes completely undisturbed

Do you already know our private room? Then it’s about time! In this VIP room, which is separated from the rest of the lanes, you are completely undisturbed by the other Rage-Axe visitors and can cheer as loudly as you want.

Every Saturday we open the private room, which is equipped with 3 lanes. Then it’s time for 2 hours of pure action with axe and knife throwing! If you want to fortify yourself with delicious food and refreshing drinks after the lumberjack work-out, you can also use our catering in the private room.

For a flat rate of € 350 you get:


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