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Rage Axe in Darmstadt

No master has fallen from the sky yet

A knife like that  thrown that it is getting  stuck in the Target  is  very impressive. Yet it is   no rocket science and easy to learn too. If you decide to learn knife throwing with us, we will give you a detailed introduction. 

We are at your side with tips and tricks for throwing knives and are happy to teach you the right throwing technique.  Even if the first throws may not sit so well. You’ll get the hang of it in time, promise! 

It depends on the technology

Our knife throwing tips

If you visit us for knife throwing in Weiterstadt, we will of course explain exactly the right techniques to bring the knife to its destination. But here are a few tips for you in advance:

By absolute axeperts

Learning by doing

A theoretical instruction is all well and good and of course also indispensable for learning how to throw a knife. But the best way to learn is, of course, by trying things out and practicing.

We will show you on site how to use the throwing knife correctly, how far away you should be from the target and we will be happy to answer your individual questions. We give you individual tips to improve your throwing technique so that you can easily learn knife throwing.

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