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Trend sport axe throwing

What exactly is axe throwing?

Hardly anyone knows how to use an axe these days. It is an unknown tool, especially in the big city, because the use of the axe is basically no longer necessary. Nevertheless, it has become more common again lately – because now there is axe throwing as a leisure sport.

We give you the opportunity to breathe new life into an old tradition :

Safety is the be-all and end-all

Our precautionary measures for the trend sport axe throwing

At Rage Axe we offer different axes . Of course, safety is very important to us. Therefore, you must follow our rules, which we will explain to you at the beginning of your leisure activities in Darmstadt.  

During the sport, the throwers are constantly looked after by a specialist. He gives a short briefing, he shows the throwing technique and later regulates the permanent compliance with the safety measures. Throwing an axe doesn’t require any expertise – just come along and try it!

The right technique counts

This is how you create the perfect throw

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Axe throwing - a sport for everyone?

As with archery or darts, when throwing an axe you try to hit the center of the target,the so-calledbullseye. This makes it a little like darts. It is thrown from a distance of four to six meters. An axe is, of course, a heavy piece of equipment. Nevertheless, concentration and care are required when throwing rather than strength. Finding the right technique can take some time. Because it is difficult that the steel disc really gets stuck in the wood and the axe doesn’t bounce off the handle.

Nevertheless, it can be said that successes can be recorded quite quickly.

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