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Rage Axe in Darmstadt

Feel like a real Viking!

The wild Vikings were real masters of the axe. However, the Vikings did not only use the axe for close combat or for felling trees. An axe can do a lot more than modern people think it can do. 

When throwing an axe, the tool shows a completely different face: 

The trend from overseas

Canada and the axe sport

More than 200 years ago, lumberjacks in wild Canada measured their strength by throwing their axes. Distance and speed were less important than accuracy. A real sport developed from these beginnings, which many men and women still enjoy practicing today.

Let The Games Begin

Axe throwing as a sport

It all started a few years ago in the Canadian city of Montreal, where the city’s first axe throwing club opened. In Canada and the USA there is now an axe throwing facility in almost every metropolis.

Now axe throwing is moving to Europe as a leisure activity. The first systems were in England, Spain, the Netherlands – and now also in Weiterstadt in Hessen.

No reason to worry

Today there are safe conditions when practicing the trend sport

Axe throwing is a new and growing trend sport that involves throwing tomahawk axes at a wooden target. You can throw in most facilities with the age of majority, i.e. in the case of Germany from eighteen years – but sometimes also from sixteen if the parents allow it. There weren’t injuries at Axe throwing yet, the sport is surprisingly safe despite the axes.

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